The Pension Investment Association of Canada (PIAC) was established in 1977 as a forum in which Member pension funds share information and knowledge. An additional objective was to speak with a collective voice on pension investment issues to lawmakers and regulators. Since 1977, many complex pension investment issues have emerged and PIAC has established itself as a credible and highly regarded voice representing both large and small pension funds across Canada.


Our Goals

To accomplish the Mission, PIAC has chosen five goals:

  • To ensure that all Members are aware of all PIAC activities and that PIAC positions are effectively communicated to external audiences.
  • To evaluate and promote prudent standards and practices to investment of pension assets.
  • To monitor and evaluate Federal and Provincial activities, laws and regulations pertaining to the investment of pension assets, and to advocate appropriate changes proactively where possible.
  • To develop, monitor and promote sound standards of corporate governance in Canada.
  • To promote a high level of membership professional awareness and competence through appropriate programs and services.

Our Mission

Our Mission
The Mission of PIAC is to promote sound investment practices and good governance for the benefit of pension plan sponsors and beneficiaries.

Our Work

PIAC is very active in advocacy, ensuring that governments at all levels understand the important issues and concerns of Member pension funds and their millions of beneficiaries. PIAC does not become involved in pension plan design or benefits issues. PIAC currently represents over 130 pension funds that manage total assets in excess of $1 trillion on behalf of millions of Canadians.

PIAC pursues its Mission and Goals through various activities including:

  • Semi-annual Conferences
  • Networking with colleagues
  • Mutually-beneficial surveys
  • Reports and Position papers
  • Sharing valuable data
The Pension Investment Association of Canada